Like any woman, I appreciate the virtues of a fail-safe Little Black Dress (LBD).

To be considered the "perfect" LBD, it must be:
* Comfortable
* Easy to care for (i.e., machine washable & travels well)
* Figure-flattering while also tasteful
* Able to be dressed up or down, from work to a casual cocktail party
* Affordable (What can I say? Given my crafting habit, my shopping budget is sparse.)

Finfing a LBD of good quality that meets my criteria is a near impossibility. So, I do what any loyal home sewist does: I make it myself. Sure, the Do-It-Yourself Little Black Dress might require an time investment... but no more time than it would take me to search for this holy grail of a dress online or in stores. And, says me, sewing is way more fun than shopping.

For my recent DIY LBD project, I depended of the stylings of Tracy Reese for Vogue Patterns: V1314, released in for fall 2012. I tweaked the pattern ever-so-slightly by modifying the sleeves. I wanted a sleeveless dress more suitable for three-season wear. 

V1314 - From my pattern binder
V1314 - Pattern envelope sketch
And, like magic, after a few evenings of enjoyable effort (and about $30 in materials), I bring you my DIY LBD! And humbly, I declare, it meets all of my criteria.
For more on this pattern and the making of this dress, visit the DIY LBD project page.


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